Portable Bottle Warmer, Intelligent Bottle Warmer, Fast Charge, 3-Speed Temperature Regulation, Pink


Portable Bottle Warmer, Intelligent Bottle Warmer, Fast Charge, 3-Speed Temperature Regulation, Pink

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Three color lights remind you to easily master the milk flushing water temperature.

1. MAINTAIN PERFECT TEMPERATURE FOR BABY MILK: Make your babies drink only warm water and milk using our USB-charged milk warmer. Warm milk insulation sleeve, every mouthful of milk the baby drinks is warm, night milk artifact, saving Baoma's sleep.
2. INTELLIGENT CONSTANT TEMPERATURE: Smart baby bottle warmer adopts USB power supply to keep warm. It is convenient and portable. It has a 4-layer preservation material design, so you can be reliable to use. Please note: This product cannot be heated, only warm baby bottles.
3. INTELLIGENT THREE GEAR TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Three gears can be adjusted according to the seasonal temperature: about 65 degree in the high gear, about 55 degree in the middle gear, and about 45 degree in the low gear.
4. WASHABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: Our travel bottle warmer is made of waterproof polyester material, and the adjustable design is suitable for small baby bottles with a diameter of 55-80mm.
5. PORTABLE TO CARRY: The feeding bottle warmer is completely handy to carry and can be charged anywhere with USB Cable. Charge it in the car, with your computer, or buy a charging pack to charge it literally anywhere.

Switch function description:

  • 1. Connect the power button of the temperature controller, and the yellow light is always on.
  • 2. Press and hold for 3s to start the machine, the blue light is on, the middle gear is 70%, and the output is 55 degrees.
  • 3. Press again, the red light is on, the high-grade is 100%, and the output is 65 degrees.
  • 4. Press again, the green light is on, the low gear is 40%, and the output is 45 degrees.
  • 5. Press and hold for 3s to shut down and cycle all the time. When the output is stopped, the output is 15%, the heater outputs open circuit and short circuit protection, and 2.5A over current protection.
  • Product Name: Intelligent Bottle Warmer
  • Applicable products: infant bottle, glass water cup
  • Size: 29 * 13cm / 11.4 * 5.1In
  • Material: PU leather, heating film
  • Features: 3-speed temperature regulation, sustainable constant temperature heating
  • Power input: 5V 2A 50Hz
Package includes:
  • 1*Bottle Warmer
  • 1*USB Cable
  • 1*Instructions
  • 1.This product does not include power bank and baby bottles .
  • 2.If the power cannot be turned on or does not heat up, please replace the power head.
  • 3.Suitable for insulating baby bottles outdoors and is not suitable for heating baby bottles.
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