2 Mushrooms Cat Scratching Post 19" Sisal Claw Scratcher for Kittens and Small Cats, Brown


2 Mushrooms Cat Scratching Post 19" Sisal Claw Scratcher for Kittens and Small Cats, Brown

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A cute mushroom-shaped scratcher, a cat scratching post toy and a home decor. 2 Sisal covered scratching posts in different heights would satisfy cats' different scratching habits, natural sisal material is cat-friendly, will add sturdiness and make the scratcher last longer.

Artificial grass is designed to attract cats attention so that make them form the habit of sharpen nails.Dangling ball is added to exercise cats' hunting skills, they can climb up to the mushroom head to scratch, or play with the dangling ball. Therefore stay away from your expensive furniture. Come on! Take this cute scratcher under 30$ home as a gift for your furry baby.

About PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post, Mushroom Tall Cat Scratcher Featuring with Natural Sisal Scratching Poles and Interactive Toy Ball for Kittens and Small Cats (Brown):

  • NATURAL SISAL CAT SCRATCHER: The Mushroom Head and the Scratching Post are made of 100% natural sisal ropes and twined densely by hand, which made the cat scratching post more durable and wearable for claw sharpening. Selected natural sisal rope is harmless to cat or kitten, combined with the artificial grass bottom base, provides your cats a vivid and lifelike environment.
  • CUTE MUSHROOM SHAPE DESIGN: A mushroom-shaped appearance can easily attract your cat’s or kitten’s attention, also stimulate cats’ curiosity of play and climb by themselves. It’s gonna to be a lovely decoration to your home. Satisfy kittens natural scratching post while keep your kitten from damaging carpets, curtains and furniture.
  • MAKE YOUR CATS HAPPY: Cat also needs companion, this kitten scratching post is a great interactive toy when cats are alone. The dangling ball can exercise kittens' catch ability, the artificial lawn make feline to feel the nature inside. The scratching post help to remove the dead outer layer of claws and stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws. When the nature is released, happiness and health accompany their growth.
  • CAT RUBBING POST WITH 2 HEIGHTS: The scratch post is designed with 2 heights to satisfy kitty different climbing needs, one small post and one tall post. The higher post is 18.9’’ in height and with a 12’’ round base covered with fake grass to simulate green grass lawn. Suitable for indoor cats or kitten ≤ 5kg/11lbs.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND GREAT SERVICE: All tools are included, the scratching post can be assembled in a few minutes without any trouble.
  • MADE TO LAST - Unlike other cat posts that cannot withstand constant scratching, ours features strong quality materials that can withstand the most aggressive kittens. The scratching surface has strong woven sisal that’s safe for cats to scratch, while the post and base are made of durable long-lasting particle boards.
  • Sturdy, yet simple to move from room to room
  • Specification
  1. Color: Brown
  2. Overall Dimension:11.8”x11.8”x18.9”
  3. Diameter of Tall mushroom head: 7.1”
  4. Diameter of base board:11.8”
  5. Maximum Weight Capacity: 15 LBs
  6. G.W.: 4.4 LBs
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