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Martingale Training Collar Reflective Dog Collar


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Walk or hike with your dog is one of the life's greatest pleasures. That's why training your dog should be a positive bonding experience. Martingale-Style Limited Cinch Collar makes training less aggressive, gets your dogs attention right away and hence correcting bad behaviors.

  • MARTINGALE-STYLE LIMITED CINCH COLLAR: The limited cinch collar was designed to make training with your dog safe and effective. The traditional choke collar is aggressive and uses uncontrolled force to correct negative behaviors. Martingale-style collar tightens under tension but only tightens enough to provide a (subtle) controlled training cue to your dog. Endorsed by thousands of trainers, this collar is preferred because of its gentle nature and extreme effectiveness.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Limited Cinch Collar is constructed with premium quality nylon and reflective stitching that will keep you and your furry friend visible even in the dark. The 100% iron chain provides the perfect balance of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. As compared to nylon based martingale collars the chain in the martingale-style collar creates an audible sound under tension. This sound further enhances the training connection.
  • SECURE LEASH ATTACHMENT: As a BONUS, our martingale-style cinch collar also features a single-piece D-ring attachment option. This makes it quick and easy for you to change from a training collar to standard (non-cinch) collar.

Neck Size:

Small: 12-14 inches - Collar Width 0.75"

Medium: 14-17 inches - Collar Width 1"

Large: 17-22 inches - Collar Width 1" 

Legal Disclaimer: This collar is to be used under human supervision. Keep out of reach of children. Always inspect the collar for any damage before EACH use. Do NOT use if damaged. 

Colors: Black and Gray

Brand: Mighty Paw


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